File under: “experimental ambien”.

T∆NG∆ was a band I was involved with that performed improvisational electronic music, often accompanied by video art projections created by members of the band.

T∆NG∆ members were Travis GledhillAlvaro GirónKev Mayo, Lorena Salomé  & myself.

“NIGHT WALKER” (2012).

Documentation of our October 2009 performance at Sound Control.

“Gypsy Cake Mix” (2011).

Excerpt from “Whiskey Sour” (2010) for a video work by Travis Gledhill.

“Always a believer,” a music video made from live performance footage from our NACO Gallery monthly T∆NG∆ Party.

More music can be heard via our Soundcloud. You can also watch more video works utilizing our music by Lorena Salomé & Travis Gledhill. Past events and photos can be seen on our Facebook.