A hashtag-free safe space.

Linkbait was an invitation-only, hashtag-free safe space event series I hosted at the Toronto-based open source social enterprise Academy of the Impossible.

The series came about via my involvement with the Academy: I sat on its faculty and was a research associate with the internet think tank that’s based there, Metaviews.

Linkbait began in Spring 2012 with a trilogy of salon events exploring the current state of online curation, crowdsourcing & content farming. Attendees included bloggers, journalists, writers, as well as editors from publications such as The Grid, Now Magazine, the National Post & The Globe & Mail.

Special thanks to Marc Weisblott and Jesse Hirsh for their support in this community project.

Below is an overview of the events.

Linkbait Salon 1 (March 2012)

Tags/phrases explored: “Tim Horton’s Journalism“, “commenter culture“, “vanity media”, “confessional media”, “mega mainstream meme“, “aggregator wars“, “curator’s code“.

(Click here to read the event’s recap by Marc Weisblott.)

Linkbait Salon 2: CONFESSIONS! (April 2012)

Tags/phrases explored: “Heather Armstrong is our sister friend“, “overshare”, “Tumblette”, “trollgazing“, “trolling“, “Samantha Brick“, “White Girl Problems”, “Leah McLaren”, “Rebecca Eckler”.

(Click here to read the event’s recap by Marc Weisblott.)

Linkbait Salon 3: PERSONAS! (May 2012)

Tags/phrases explored: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”,  “executive realness“, “vanity media spirit animal”, “SUPER-BRANDING“, “media darling futurism”, “executive realness dystopian crystal visions“, “millenial exec realness con job“.

(Click here to read the event’s recap by Marc Weisblott.)

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