And the Wind Cries Furry

Re-imagining our archaic remnants.

And the Wind Cries Furry: centuries of domestic torpor – so-called evolution – have calcified what Jung called the “shadow aspect” of our collective unconscious, blinding us to our primal instincts. This video re-imagines our archaic remnants –  those spaces from which our aggressively-follicled ancestors call to us – as we warm our anima by the crackling fires of the all-extensive world-soul.

I did this video and remix in collaboration with my frequent co-conspirator Tony Halmos for Plink Flojd, a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and Eric Mast AKA E*Rock. It is an ongoing art project disguised as a band that feeds off of Pink Floyd samples.

“And the Wind Cries Furry” is a remix of Pink Floyd’s “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”. The collage video work draws from personal archives, found YouTube necro-bestial-plush-ophilia videos, Hollywood and art house films, and the fire gods.

The work was a part of Plink Flojd’s winter 2013 programming.